• the work of cody john laplante

  • Man’s Best Friend

    ||Man's Best Friend|| Chapbook||Two Steps Press|| 2013|| Hand-crafted|| Buy it here on etsy. "Drawing inspiration from the Beats, Laplante's poetry seduces readers with deceptively casual language that speaks as frankly on subjects of love, sex, and the limits of the mind as it does on smoking, boredom, and dogs. Blurring any distinctions between emotional and intellectual experience, Laplante's poems conjure a reality that feels at once distant and resolutely real, full of moments of unexpected beauty from the unlikeliest of occasions - "it's nice to believe/ that wherever you are/ if you want one the world/ will simply give you a cigarette." "Brian Hitselberger of Two Steps Press  
  • How the Body Works

    ||How the Body Works||Chapbook||Sargent Press||2011|| Read here online for free. "Compositionally speaking, the formal aspects of his poems appeal to the intellect, no question, but the immediate effects of his forms are experienced as deeply emotional, occur more quickly than the reader can react to them analytically. As subject matter, too, emotional experience gets treated as equally important as, even as essential to, intellectual experience. He makes us realize that we’re able to have certain kinds of thoughts precisely because we’re able to have certain kinds of emotions. Rather than mutually exclusive, thinking and feeling are demonstrated to be inextricably linked, the larger implication being that knowledge based on omission or exclusion of the one or the other kind of experience is incomplete. -Poet Laura Solomon on "How the Body Works" (Full interview available here.)
  • Fictional Friends

    This poem from Man’s Best Friend was selected by jazz artist Chris Klaxton to serve as vocals for one of the songs on his debut album, Starcode. Listen hereHis next record, funded by the same Kickstarter, will feature Laplante’s poem “love gone wild”.
  • plural hotel closets

    “plural hotel closets” and “pet” were featured in Volume 3 of Zymbol, a surreal art magazine. Zymbol invited contributors to share videos of artists reciting the work selected for the magazine. The resulting video can be found here.
  • Leap Before You Look

    Invited by the editor or the Marco Polo Arts Magazine,  Laplante submitted this video of himself reading W.H. Auden’s “Leap Before You Look” from the bottom of a valley inthe Atacama desert in Chile to the magazine’s ‘POP’ or Poets on Poets exhibit.
  • Reasons

    ||paint and cut vinyl||  “Reasons” a poem from Laplante’s chapbook Man’s Best Friend was selected and readapted for the art exhibit, Content, at the Athens Institute of Contemporary Art.
  • Wrong Brain

    Wrong Brain is an art collective based in the seacoast region of New Hampshire. The collective puts most of its efforts into publishing an art zine, and hosting shows and fairs of many artistic assortments. Cody serves as the editor for the literary component of the zine as well as coordinator for their new indie lit DISTRO, which is currently accepting submissions. To submit to our zine or submit indie lit to be sold (on-consignment) in the distro, send inquires to claplante@wrongbrain.net. 
  • Dorcas Morton

    Dorcas Morton is one of the many musical projects of Brian Paulding, Laplante’s long-time friend and collaborator. The three cassettes, reminiscent of the sound-collage methods of The Books, feature Laplante’s spoken work and sound compositions. Check out the strange sounds on his bandcamp.
  • The Portland Phoenix

    Check out Laplante's weekly literature reviews in the Portland Phoenix to see what is going on in the greater Portland literary scene.