More Work

There are places where Laplante’s writing still exists.


  • “(st……s)tumbling” in My Favorite Bullet.
  • “the sound of silence #2” (eavesdropped poetry) in Oddball
  • “shock treatment” in The Round Up Vol. 2
  • long concrete poem “(the spectators generally liked the) pictures at an exhibition” in 3am magazine
  • “the violence of cycle”, “vladmir and estragon get lost on their way to a picnic”, and “the first and last kiss of j. Alfred prufrock” in the Offcourse Literary Journal
  • 4 picture-poems in The Unexposed magazine
  • “some summer in Cambridge, USA”, “reasons”, “the fix” in Marco Polo Arts Magazine
  • “the sounds of silence #1” in World War 3
  • “For a moment not choking” & “Things gone wrong” in The 2010 Poet’s Guide To New Hampshire (print)
  • pet” & “plural hotel closets” in Zymbol Vol. 3
  • an unholy diptych of “the erection of jesus christ” & “the secret about brimstone” in Wrong Brain Vol. 6
  • “in which vegetables, stuck between the schism of existential meaning and boners, cannibalize themselves” in the January 2015 edition of The Gambler.


  • Tommy’s First Boyfriend in The Round Up /Pride Edition
  • 3 nuits a l’hôtel hangover in ENDEMIC (FR)
  • Max & The Infernal Orchestra of Buzzings in Squawk Back